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    It's all about presence


    I finished last month’s editorial with a question (more about your responses later)

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    Sherry Rowland dies at 84


    Atmospheric chemist Frank Sherwood Rowland died on Saturday 10 March, aged 84

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    Quasicrystals scoop prize


    The 2011 Nobel laureate in chemistry, Daniel Shechtman, fought hard to win acceptance of his discovery: quasicrystals. Laura Howes tells how perseverance led to the ultimate recognition

  • Electron microscope image of GroEL particle in vitreous ice

    Colloids in the cold


    A form of microscopy is shaking up nanoscience research and forcing scientists to reconsider many established theories. Emma Davies investigates cryoTEM

  • Portrait of Alfred Nobel on the glass door of Swedish Academy and Nobel Museum in Stockholm

    Three share prize for metathesis work


    The discoveries made by this year's Nobel laureates have had a great impact on new drug developments, polymeric materials and industrial syntheses. Karen Harries-Rees reports.