Chemistry in its Element: Compounds

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  • Man skydiving


    16 August 2019

    Georgia Mills tackles the feel-good neurotransmitter and hormone behind thrill seeking, addiction, and mobile gaming

  • Hydrogen sulfide hot spring in Iceland

    Hydrogen sulfide

    9 August 2019

    Mike Freemantle finds the connection between Land of Hope and Glory and the noxious, corrosive, flammable gas that stinks of rotten eggs

  • Silhouette of man drinking alcohol


    2 August 2019

    One doctor's battle with alcoholism and self-experimentation with baclofen led to a rush of people desperate to try the drug to curb their addictions. But are we simply replacing one problem with another, asks Enna Guadalupe

  • Someone holding small pieces of plastic on a beach


    25 July 2019

    Microplastics, including polypropylene, are present in our oceans, on our beaches and even in bottled water. Ian Robertson investigates the scale and some solutions

  • Dental exam

    Zinc polycarboxylate

    19 July 2019

    Lay back in the chair and say 'Ahh', as Mike Freemantle introduces zinc polycarboxylate dental cement

  • Zircon jewellery on a white background


    12 July 2019

    The versatile gemstones that give scientists insights into the chemistry of the early Earth, introduced by Brian Clegg

  • Surgeons with anaesthetic gas mask


    5 July 2019

    Chemistry’s tastiest bonds for an explosive anaesthetic that was as useful as it was dangerous

  • Several pills of MDMA (Extasy) on white table

    2C psychedelics

    28 June 2019

    A class of hallucinogenic phenethylamines, explored by the 'godfather of psychedelics' Alexander Shulgin and sadly implicated in a tragedy at a 2017 music festival

  • Scientist working with blood sample in a laboratory


    21 June 2019

    The first drug approved in the US to treat Aids required a completely new approach to clinical trials – Frances Addison explores the history of azidothymidine

  • Photographic dark room in red light

    Silver iodide

    14 June 2019

    How the compound that ushered in a photographic revolution has taken to the skies to try to control the weather