Helen Thomson – Unthinkable

In this month’s podcast presented by Emma Stoye, Helen Thomson reveals fascinating insights about some of the rarest neurological conditions known to science. From a man whose synesthesia allows him to see auras, to a woman who lacks a mental map – making even simple navigation all but impossible – Thomson recalls a number of case studies which she unearthed on a ten-year journey through academic journals. Guaranteed to make you think about things that most of us take for granted, the author reveals both the data and the human stories that give it depth.

Next month, we’ll be reading The Beautiful Cure by immunologist Daniel M. Davis. The book explores how the immune system is affected by everything from stress to age and even state-of-mind. Considered a leading expert in his field, the author looks at the scientific quest we have taken already, and ponders what approaches we might take in the future to battle new challenges posed by disease.

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