Marathon running race on city road


13 September 2019By

A popular sports supplement with deadly consequences

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An image showing a gravestone

Science really does advance one funeral at a time, study suggests

By Dalmeet Singh Chawla

The death of a scientific superstar can open up a field

Shigeru Watanabe, a professor of pediatric dentistry at the School of Health Sciences at Meikai University in Japan, is pictured during a ceremony at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Sept. 12, 2019, after a team of five Japanese led by h

Work on how much saliva a five-year-old makes wins chemistry Ig Nobel

13 September 2019

This year’s Ig Nobels reward research on spit, scrotums and cockroaches, among other things

An image showing a man vaping

Deaths from vaping-linked lung disease in US connected to vitamin E additive

13 September 2019

Tocopheryl acetate implicated in 380 cases of severe lung disease and six deaths

The Official Portrait of Chris Skidmore

Fourth UK science minister appointed in just two years as Chris Skidmore returns

12 September 2019

Post has been hit by resignations over handling of Brexit

An image showing a small girl collecting water from tube well in Bangladesh

Aquaffirm’s enzymatic arsenic sensors

10 September 2019

Cheap, disposable electrochemistry test strips help communities steer clear of contaminated wells

An image showing a disposable coffee cup

Denmark becomes first nation to outlaw fluorinated chemicals in food packaging

10 September 2019

Danish government acts on controversial chemicals saying it can no longer wait for the EU

An image showing Jo Johnson quitting politics

Divided loyalties see Jo Johnson step down as science minister

6 September 2019

Scientific and academic community disheartened by resignation of prime minister’s brother once more over handling of Brexit

An image showing laboratory warning labels

Chemical safety database gets American Chemical Society and Iupac backing

5 September 2019

Library of hazardous reactions and lab near misses has found partners to develop it and help keep it afloat

An image showing robot arms over a chemistry textbook written as strings of 1 and 0

Human biases cause problems for machines trying to learn chemistry

13 September 2019

Including ‘unpopular’ reagents and reaction conditions into datasets could lead to better machine-learning models

An image showing an AFM image of iron atom

AFM images show bond formation in greatest detail yet

12 September 2019

Strange ring-shaped sub-atomic images result from Lennard-Jones physisorption–chemisorption energy curve

An image showing a photograph of scaled-up solution-casted polycarbonate film

Glucose derivative replaces BPA in sustainable polycarbonate plastic

12 September 2019

Transparent engineered plastic ditches hormone disruptor and lung irritant

An image showing a high-intensity LED ageing system

Can organic solar cells stand the test of time?

11 September 2019

Devices road-tested in blistering conditions equivalent to that of 37 suns

An image showing engineering protein polymers of ultrahigh molecular weight via supramolecular polymerization

New way to create huge protein polymer chains

11 September 2019

Strategy constructs synthetic protein polymers that weigh 0.5MDa

An image showing water droplets

Water surprise: microdroplets have potential to produce H2O2

11 September 2019

US researchers discover that microscopic droplets of water spontaneously generate hydrogen peroxide

An image showing the structure of acetaldehyde phenylhydrazone

Solution to 120 year-old puzzle reveals new chemical phenomenon

11 September 2019

Seemingly identical acetaldehyde phenylhydrazone crystals melt at different temperatures

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Be the change – Creating a positive workplace is up to us all

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Report: Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists

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An advert-style images showing an illustration of a dubious looking doctor next to the following text: Welcome to Dr Dubious's Stem Cell Clinic

Stem cell hype


Many clinics around the world offer unproven treatments, while genuine therapies are slowly making their way through trials. Anthony King reports

An image showing the letters P, F, A and S, which stand for perfluorinated alkyl substances, sinking into water; a small fish can also be seen

A persistent perfluorinated problem


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