An image showing perovskite crystal structures

Perovskites beyond solar cells


From solar cells and LEDs to catalysts and quantum computing, James Mitchell Crow asks if there is anything perovskites can’t do

A picture showing students Raising Hands During Seminar

Faculty mindset affects racial achievement gap in Stem subjects

18 February 2019

Racial performance gap is twice as large in Stem classes taught by professors who believe intelligence is inherent and can’t be changed

A picture of Imperial College's ROAR facility

Automated lab at Imperial College will have robots run reactions

18 February 2019

First national centre for reaction studies will focus on data-driven chemistry

A headshot of Kelvin Droegemeier

White House science adviser's first speech leaves scientists with questions

18 February 2019

Kelvin Droegemeier used his first public address to laud the Trump administration’s achievements but dodged a Q&A session with the audience

A picture of an enzyme structure

PDFs dragged into digital age with 3D interactive chemical structures

15 February 2019

Simple method allows a range of file types to be converted into 3D structures

A picture showing part of the mosaic being studied

Chemical analysis reveals origin of Pompeian mosaic tiles

15 February 2019

Work will help to preserve ancient murals

A picture of oil pumps

Microwave process decarbonises fossil fuels and generates hydrogen

15 February 2019

New catalytic approach turns hydrocarbons into hydrogen fuel and solid carbon, which could be stored underground or turned into high-value products

Gif showing cluster continuous transformation in action

Inorganic isomerism uncovered in cadmium sulfide clusters

14 February 2019

CdS nanocrystals reversibly transition between ‘wurtzite-like’ and ‘zinc blende-like’ forms in a single step

A picture of the experiment

Light-activated chirality switch directs enantiomeric excess

14 February 2019

Photoexcitation can transform a racemic ligand into one of its enantiomers

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IYPT The Discovery of the Noble Gases thumb 2

The discovery of the noble gases

28 January 2019By , Roger Langridge

How an extra line in the solar spectrum kicked off a search for the ‘missing metals’ that turned out to be noble gases

A picture showing mass poisoning instances throughout history

Pass the antidote


From paracetamol to pesticides – not to mention nerve agents – there are many toxic compounds that doctors need to be able to counteract. Nina Notman investigates

A picture showing factors that might make a person look younger or older

Can we live forever?


We are now living longer than ever before, but not always in perfect health. Anthony King talks to the researchers working to extend our healthspan

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