An artistic representation of a stomach ulcer


2020-06-05T13:00:00+01:00By Michael Freemantle

Mike Freemantle introduces the peptic ulcer treatment cimetidine, which – as Tagamet – became the first blockbuster drug

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An image showing a lysozyme molecule

Protein synthesis revolution on way as large peptides made in hours not days

By Kira Welter

Flow chemistry can now make peptide chains up to 164 amino acids long in one go

Micrograph showing the periodically aligned micro-probes and a partially removed surface layer

Laser carved copper catalysts unveil secrets of turning CO2 into fuels


Selectivity maps help identify optimal conditions to produce chemicals of choice 

An ilustration showing CCF 100 anniversary

Supporting the chemistry community


The Chemists’ Community Fund – formerly the Benevolent Fund – has been helping people for 100 years. Rachel Brazil looks at how it works, now it may be more needed than ever before

An image showing a Chinese visa

Trump seeks to revoke visas of Chinese students with ties to China’s military


Academic and science groups speak out against move to bar certain Chinese nationals from studying and conducting research in the US

An image showing socially distanced friends wearing face masks

Developing antiviral mask technology in a pandemic


Surface chemistry strategies play a pivotal role in personal protective equipment that can neutralise the Sars-CoV-2 virus

An image showing a girl applying makeup

Lack of standardised testing makes comparing nano skin tests hard


Study reemphasises that nanoparticles don’t penetrate the skin

An image showing a horseshoe bat

Nobel laureates lead revolt after US–China coronavirus grant cancellation


Nearly 80 US Nobel laureates and 30 scientific organisations criticise sudden termination of joint research with Wuhan Institute of Virology

An image showing the ITM power electrolyser

UK project aims to cut the cost of producing clean, green hydrogen


Goal is to drive down price of hydrogen made by splitting water using renewable energy

An image showing the synthesis of 18O-labelled alcohols from unlabelled alcohols

Method that yields oxygen-18-enriched alcohols set to bolster drug studies


Mitsunobu-based protocol is simple alternative to limited and lengthy methods

An image showing Robert Berger, Ronald Garcia Ruiz and colleagues

Molecular experiments hope to reveal new physics


Detecting extremely short-lived radium fluoride can explore standard model’s limits

 An image showing ORTEPs of (a) 2p and (b) 2c with thermal ellipsoids at 50% probability

New silicon–silicon bond is a rare example of a π bond without a σ bond


Discovery made in silicon analogue of bicyclobutane

A photo of the first PathTracker clip-on box

Respiratory viruses detected in 30 minutes with the help of a smartphone


$50 smartphone accessory could be adapted for Covid-19

INDEX DA_mulberry-7

First natural Diels–Alder enzyme discovered in mulberry tree


Enzyme beats most synthetic catalysts when it comes to enantioselective intermolecular [4+2] cycloadditions

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

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Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Alice Ball’s treatment for leprosy

  • Eunice Foote: the mother of climate change

  • Jimmy Robinson and the atom bomb elements

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An image showing the concept of drugging the gut microbiome

Drugging the gut microbiome


Treating the bacteria that live inside us can improve our own health. Clare Sansom meets our tiny friends

An image showing Asteroid Ida

Do asteroids hold the key to life on Earth?


A series of missions are set to reveal the hidden secrets of the asteroids. Nina Notman explores the science of space rocks

An image showing plastic sorting

The plastic sorting challenge


Before we can recycle many plastics, they must be sorted into separate streams. Angeli Mehta finds out how 

Plastic pollution: a discarded plastic rubbish bags floats on a tropical coral reef presenting a hazard to marine life

The plastics problem

By Chemistry World

How chemistry is providing solutions to the issue of plastic waste

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