An illustrated portrait of Ida Noddack

Ida Noddack and the trouble with element 43


The German chemist discovered one element and may have been the first to suggest nuclear fission – but her legacy is troubled, as Rachel Brazil discovers

An image showing a woman with barrels

What might UK Reach look like?

By Vanessa Zainzinger

As the UK’s legal system finds its feet post-Brexit, stakeholders have mixed feelings about the changes it could bring

An image showing the Dow plant

Cleaning up industry’s water worries


With clean water supplies increasingly scarce, Angeli Mehta looks at what industry is doing to reduce its demands

An image showing a woman with a face mask over her eyes

European academy calls for continent-wide effort to combat disinformation on science


Report makes recommendations on how scientists can combat anti-vaccine sentiment and climate change denial and other misinformation

An image showing the Moderna vaccine

US onboard with effort to waive global Covid-19 vaccine patents


Biden administration says pandemic calls for ‘extraordinary measures’ to relinquish IP protections, but pharma and biotech sectors push back

An image showing mealworms

EU clears way for the sale of edible insect products


Dried yellow mealworm authorised to hit the European market as a ‘novel food’

A close up photo of an ear of barley

EU genome-editing legislation is ‘unfit for purpose’ says European commission


Current policies lag behind the latest technological developments

An image showing water gushing out of a wastewater pipe into a river

US chemical industry spent $61M to fend off PFAS regulations


Campaign finance records show how chemicals producers lobby against policies aimed to regulate persistent PFAS pollutants

A photo of two prawns under UV light, glowing a faint blue. The one on the left has a small square of material next to it glowing red, while the material on the right has changed colour to green.

Artificial chameleon skin detects seafood spoilage


Supramolecular system changes colour across almost the full visible spectrum

An image showing the automated organic synthesis machine

Automated organic synthesis made easier with capsule-based console


Integrated console to synthesise drug-like molecules requires minimal user input

An image showing a woman playing cricket

Bamboo bats could beat traditional willow at affordable cricket


While bamboo bats break cricket traditions, it might make the sport more accessible to its growing fanbase

An image showing 3D printed pawns with inked scalpel lines

3D-printed ‘digital ivory’ saves antique artworks – and maybe elephants


‘Digory’ will be invaluable for restoration projects, and could help prevent ivory poaching that threatens the survival of wild elephants

An image showing the drug

Click chemistry uses endogenous acrolein to activate cancer prodrug


Strategy could reduce chemotherapy side effects by selecting for cancerous cells

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Should we design biodegradable plastics?

  • Chemistry pedagogy for a modern world

  • LGBT+ inclusivity – Building a better chemistry culture

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Ida Noddack and the trouble with element 43

  • Polly Porter, crystallography pioneer

  • Mary Sherman Morgan: The best kept secret in the space race

  • Julia Lermontova: an early pioneer

  • Margarita Salas: the marquesa of molecular biology

  • Sylvia Stoesser – the first female chemist at Dow

  • Martin Gouterman: the gay man behind the four-orbital model

  • Stefanie Horovitz – the woman behind the isotope

  • Marguerite Perey and the last element in nature

  • Ghanaian biochemistry TV star Marian Addy


An image showing chemtrails

Why do people believe conspiracy theories?


Rachel Brazil looks into the dangerous world of chemical conspiracy theories and asks the experts what we can do about it

An image showing a driver using a breathalizer

Drink, drugs and disease: the chemistry of breath tests


From roadside tests to diagnosing Covid-19, Clare Sansom looks at how breathalysers have developed

An image showing a diseased leaf

The growing problem of pesticide resistance


Weeds and other plant pests can no longer be controlled by chemicals as easily as they could. Bárbara Pinho talks to the scientists finding solutions

An image showing a tattooed arm

Smart tattoos are keeping tabs on our health


Nina Notman takes a snapshot of the burgeoning field of health and fitness monitoring tattoos and patches

  • Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Statistics versus machine learning: should we all learn artificial intelligence?

  • Molecular modeling for the medicinal chemistry toolkit

  • Li-ion battery electrolyte degradation characterization by mass spectrometry

  • A recipe for success in exploiting machine learning and data science