An image showing coronavirus

Algorithm predicts mortality of Covid-19 patients from blood biomarkers


Artificial intelligence tool to help doctors prioritise treatment

An image showing a socially distanced lab entrance

Chemistry departments across the UK tackle herculean task of reopening


Face masks and hand sanitiser the norm as researchers return to work

An image showing hydroxychloroquine

Does hydroxychloroquine still have a role to play in this pandemic?


Touted as a wonder drug by some its star now appears to be on the wane

An image showing a man in a lab coat shooting vaccines at a coronavirus target and missing

What are the risks of fast-tracking a Covid-19 vaccine?


Condensing timelines from years to months inevitably involves compromises

  • Supporting the chemistry community

  • Adjuvants: vaccines’ hidden helpers

  • Staying one step ahead of the game

Shinagawa station in busy morning rush hour



Originally developed to treat flu and marketed in Japan as Avigan, promising Covid-19 trial results have seen countries stockpiling this medication by the millions

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