Inspiring lives – Page 9

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    Profile: Hair today


    Combining know-how from different businesses helped Procter & Gamble win the 2009 RSC Teamwork in innovation award for the development of hair dye product, Perfect 10

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    Profile: Fabulous food


    Denise Smith heads the food science department at Ohio State University, US. She is thrilled by the large numbers of students switching to food science, as she tells Yfke Hager

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    Profile: Science in Sydney


    A PhD with chemical biologist Jack Baldwin launched Peter Rutledge into antibiotics research. His enthusiasm has taken him far, writes Karen Harries-Rees

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    Profile: Life, but not as we know it


    In Second Life real people live in a virtual world. Joanna Scott has a actual job there, organising scientific events within the online environment, reports Sarah Houlton

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    Profile: Criminal chemistry


    Helen Bandey faced choosing between a scientific career and the police force. But then she found the perfect job as a scientist at the Home Office, as she tells Yfke Hager

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    Profile: Speaking of science


    In just a few short years Karen Bultitude has switched from scientific research to become a sought-after science communicator, writes Helen Carmichael

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    Profile: Commercial catalysts


    Ian Archer has his dream career as a process chemist. As head of process chemistry at Ingenza, he is now getting involved in technology transfer, as he tells Sarah Houlton

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    Profile: Chemical crusader


    Michael Braungart - an environmentalist, chemist, and businessman - is determined to use science to remove waste from industry, as Ned Stafford finds out

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    Profile: Tomorrow's careers


    A wealth of skills took Kate Bellingham from a first degree in physics, to careers as a computer programmer, TV presenter, maths teacher, and finally a national champion for careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem), writes Sarah Houlto

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    Profile: The science business


    US materials scientist Brian Smith got himself an MBA in order to build a business based on his research

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    Profile: Brand loyalty


    A fascination for conducting polymers coupled with an interest in languages prepared Liz Mallen for a successful career with a global silicones supplier, writes Yfke Hager

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    Profile: Fresh air


    Gas technologist John Irven never forgets his first scientific influences, writes Yfke Hager

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    Profile: Living chemistry


    Elizabeth Blackburn knows that chemistry is the key to understanding life, as she tells Ned Stafford

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    Profile: Serial entrepreneur in the making


    An enthusiasm for 'creating stuff in the lab' coupled with early entrepreneurial promise make these interesting times for recent PhD graduate David Rabuka, writes Emma Davies

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    Profile: Eco warrior


    Isabelle Cozzarelli uses her knowledge of chemistry to protect and manage water resources. Yfke Hager meets her

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    Profile: Fellowships on the brain


    A series of fellowships in the UK and Germany have given Birgit Liss scientific independence in her research on the brain's dopamine system, writes Ned Stafford

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    Profile: Safety first


    Andy Fowler's experience at the bench and in the factory helps chemists keep their work safe, reports Susan Aldridge

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    Profile: Born Chemist


    An early fascination with chemistry grew into a remarkable research career for Katherine Holt. Yfke Hager meets her