Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson: ‘We were members of the last generation to attend segregated schools’


The synthetic inorganic chemist on attending a segregated school in Alabama, balancing football and chemistry, and tennis as a muse


Meet the microplastome


New concept seeks to unify microplastics research

Humphry Davy

Humphry Davy’s whole story – warts and all – deserves to be told


Offensive comments about other races and cultures are part of his legacy too

Scientist racing with a Bunsen burner torch

I ran a marathon in full PPE


Racing to become the official fastest marathon runner dressed as a scientist

Humphry Davy

Engaging with the complex legacy of Humphry Davy


Online courses and student-run projects show there’s great interest in discussing Davy’s links to slavery and scientific racism


The 1920s chemists who thought they’d achieved the alchemists’ dream


The now-forgotten transmutation controversy hung on apparent evidence of mercury transforming into gold

Elisabeth Bik

Legal threats, online trolls and low pay: the world of scientific sleuth Elisabeth Bik

Chemistry World catches up with one of the world’s leading scientific integrity experts


How advances in antiretrovirals have impacted my life with HIV

Eddie Heywood explains how having a range of drugs has helped a whole generation live with HIV – now their biggest concern is remembering to take them

Tattoo ink

Using analytical chemistry to illuminate the unlisted ingredients in tattoo inks

Discovery that more than 80% of the tattoo inks sampled had unlisted ingredients prompts New York-based lab to launch a website providing chemical information to tattoo artists and their clients

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: May 2024

Readers call for cross-industry support, celebrate variety and debate the evidence for Z-DNA’s handedness 

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  • Holes in the ‘holey graphyne’ story

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  • How we set up the Chemical Society of The Gambia

  • Investigating the molecular basis of a nice cup of tea

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