A cartoon showing a man in blue clothing leading a protest. He holds a sign saying exams, where the x of exams is in red and crosses out the rest of the word to show that he is against them

Breaking the cycle of teach, test, forget


A focus on exams makes it harder for students to cultivate a deep understanding of their subject

person in a white shirt with a beard and glasses places a blue pipette rack next to some others. To their right a grid of pipettes dangles down from a liquid dispensing robot

Inertia, decisions and robots


Our cognitive biases can make it difficult to choose what’s best for science


When the blood keeps on flowing


While warfarins can be lifesaving, superwarfarins are deadly – and not just to rodents

A brown hardback book with several holes that penetrate its full thickness

Holes in the ‘holey graphyne’ story


The challenges – and importance – of questioning published results

Louis Pasteur

Heated crystals jump to enantiomeric separation


Chiral asparagine monohydrate crystals can segregate by handedness – if you arrange them carefully first

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: April 2024


Readers discuss the handedness of DNA, celebrate the Explosives Act and reminisce about childhood experiments

Tattoo ink

Using analytical chemistry to illuminate the unlisted ingredients in tattoo inks

Discovery that more than 80% of the tattoo inks sampled had unlisted ingredients prompts New York-based lab to launch a website providing chemical information to tattoo artists and their clients

Pinkie Ntola

Playing her part in building South Africa’s scientific reputation

Meet Pinkie Ntola, an early-career Black researcher who is passionate about being a credible scientist, an inspiring teacher and a supportive mentor

Cowen Lab

A force against fungi

With antifungal resistance on the rise, Leah Cowen’s lab wants to identify molecules that can capitalise on vulnerabilities in fungal pathogens

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: April 2024

Readers discuss the handedness of DNA, celebrate the Explosives Act and reminisce about childhood experiments

  • Holes in the ‘holey graphyne’ story

  • Allotrope or not?

  • How we set up the Chemical Society of The Gambia

  • Investigating the molecular basis of a nice cup of tea

  • Spearheading antiviral discovery with AI and open innovation

  • Towards a unified theory of bonding