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Do other chemistry prizes predict the Nobels?

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We’ve looked at the numbers so you don’t have to

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The day my supervisor won the Nobel prize in chemistry


Celebrations and support in the Bertozzi lab

Nobel medals

Pioneers in synthetic biology and next-generation DNA sequencing among predictions for chemistry Nobel prize


Data science divinations and community chatter pick favourites for chemistry’s top prize


Antimicrobial resistance

In this special collection on antimicrobial resistance, we look at the new drug development work being done, improving the ways we all pay for the discovery process and more.

LEGO plants

Lego struggles to find the right chemistry to replace oil-based virgin plastics


Danish toymaker commits to redouble efforts to produce more sustainable polymers for Lego pieces


Addressing the saga of nitrosamine contamination in drugs


Scientific and regulatory progress is helping minimise the impact of mutagenic impurities


NIH to insist foreign partners share lab notebooks and data


US research funder will require collaborators to give copies of lab notebooks, raw data and more by new year

UAW strikes

University of California accused of not honouring contracts negotiated following massive strike


Months after postdocs and researchers won better pay and conditions, many of the promised benefits haven’t materialised

Dalgety Bay

Two year clean-up of Scottish beach clears radioactive material from second world war planes


Multi-million pound operation removed over 6000 particles of highly radioactive radium-226 and associated radionuclides

Gene editing

’This is just the beginning’: RNA editing set to democratise viral engineering


Crispr-based system could ease development of novel RNA therapies

A close up of some blue string hanging vertically with small white crystals

Strings that draw-up brine could help supply the world with lithium


Concept takes lithium extraction into the third dimension away from cumbersome, slow pools of brine


Ancient Roman glass fragment changed from green to gold over time


Photonic crystals developed naturally on 2000-year-old artefact

Picture1 (1)c

Transformation analysis reveals structural similarities in FDA-approved drugs


Reaction informatics tools combined to create a new method for mapping chemical space

Joining paths

‘Transformative’ carbonyl cross-metathesis used to synthesise alkenes


Two new catalytic methods can produce a broad range of Z- and E-alkenes with remarkable cross-selectivity, paving the way for more efficient organic syntheses

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

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Ferrocene discoverers

Fifty years since the ferrocene furore


Only two of the discoverers of the sandwich compounds that revolutionised organometallic chemistry received the Nobel prize, leaving one very big name feeling left out. Mike Sutton traces the controversy

Face formed out of 4 different faces

Using DNA evidence to picture suspects


Forensic DNA phenotyping predicts people’s appearance and reveals their ancestry, finds Andy Extance, but has some significant challenges to overcome

A lake from above there is a a motor boat driving through a large swirling green algal bloom

Fighting algal blooms with chemistry


These harmful events are the result of a complex interplay of factors, but Bárbara Pinho talks to the researchers finding out how they form and how we can stop them


The drug developers fighting the antibiotic resistance problem


Andy Extance talks to the researchers innovating across different drug classes in the hunt to develop new treatments 

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