Ukraine portraits compilation

Living through the war in Ukraine

Since the full-scale invasion began, Anastasia Klimash has been talking to chemists in Ukraine to find out how they are being affected


Cancer progression and harmful bacteria tracked with next-generation sequencing

By Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Proof-of-principle study keeps an eye on leukaemia mutations and bacterial strains in patients


The incredible antibodies of sharks, llamas and camels


Sharks and llamas share a strange quirk of their immune systems. Hayley Bennett finds out how their ‘nanobodies’ could help us tackle Covid and a host of other diseases

Shell and reflection

Life’s handedness could have arisen spontaneously on Earth


New insight into the origins of homochirality point to adaptation to energy sources as driver

Family photo

Ukrainian researchers persevering amid war


Publishing, lecturing and lab work continues for a family of chemists in Kyiv

Technicians working a large piece of equipment with a window into a glowing furnace

Last of UK’s nuclear reprocessing plants to close


Sellafield’s Magnox plant will enter a new era of clean-up and decommissioning in July

Women in science

UK physical science funder acts to rid its peer review of gender bias


EPSRC plans to pilot unconscious bias observers in funding panels and investigate all types of peer review discrimination

Melamin fire

Six dead in explosion at Slovenian chemicals plant


Five others injured at Melamin plant in Kocevje

Gloved hand touching a star

Chemistry performs well in latest assessment of UK research


High scores in the Research Excellence Framework will deliver extra funding for departments

Quantum concept

Rydberg atoms can form molecular bonds with charged species


Researchers observe unusual bond, which is substantially longer than classical covalent interactions

Molecules hitting a surface

Electrolytes complicate the future of aqueous aluminium batteries


Study also raises concerns related to the corrosiveness of acidic aqueous solutions used in such devices

Frictionless water channel

Teflon-inspired nanochannels outperform biological water transporters


Extreme water repellence of fluorinated surfaces leads to unprecedented permeation rates


Machine learning finds fluoride battery materials that could rival lithium


AI could help make new battery type that could store more energy than lithium-ion batteries viable 


Atmospheric helium increasing at a measurable rate


Air samples revealed a rate of increase beyond expected natural variations

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Belonging and connection – Building a better chemistry culture

  • How polluting is plastic?

  • Is chemical recycling of plastics the future?

  • Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • William Knox, the only Black supervisor in the Manhattan Project

  • Margaret Melhase Fuchs and the radioactive isotope

  • PC Ray: A genius chemist who dreamed of a modern India

  • Jim West’s marvellous microphone

  • Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier the invisible assistant

  • June Lindsey, another forgotten woman in the story of DNA

  • James LuValle, a chemist who broke the colour barrier

  • The lifesaving work of Evelyn Hickmans

  • Clara Immerwahr – out of her husband’s shadow

  • Kathleen Culhane Lathbury – an industrial pioneer


Testing wastewater

The human health observatory in our sewers


From tracking disease outbreaks to monitoring drug use, there’s a lot to be learned from the things we flush down the toilet, Katrina Krämer finds

Unnatural amino acids

Life’s chemistry goes through the looking glass


Chemists were taught that natural systems only use L-amino acids. Andy Extance finds out just how wrong that is proving

Electric car diagram

Not just batteries: The chemistry of electric cars


The materials required in battery-powered cars are providing new challenges to chemists and the chemical industry. Clare Sansom reports

T-cells and brain cancer cell

A decade of CAR-T cell therapy


Nina Notman looks at the revolutionary treatment already taking on cancer, now aiming for wider use

  • Resolving absolute stereochemistry in early drug discovery with VCD

  • Speed up process development by making more from your offline and online data

  • Fingerprinting recycled thermoplastic resins for process optimisation

  • Broadband benchtop NMR spectroscopy: it’s more than just protons