Bhopal disaster aftermath

Bhopal disaster explainer: will court ruling end victims’ search for compensation?


39 years ago one of the world’s worst chemical disasters killed thousands in India

Skeletal editing

Editing the structure of molecules


Nina Notman meets the chemists expanding the toolbox of reactions capable of adding, deleting and switching single atoms in rings at the heart of organic molecules


‘Dynamic bonds’ reshape the rules of aromaticity and chirality


Discoveries could contribute to new understanding of organic chemistry, triggering applications in catalysis and materials science


Explainer: what Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse means for chemistry companies


US and UK-based lender found a niche supporting start-ups - its loss will make it harder for growing companies to access finance 

Hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen champion calls on UK government to work with industry to scale-up investment


Transport and storage infrastructure needed to reach 10GW by 2030

Helium emission spectrum

Musical periodic table being built by turning chemical elements’ spectra into notes


Computer code that converts each element into a unique piece of music could provide a novel way to expand chemistry communication

Water testing

New Jersey sues Dow Chemical and others over 1,4-dioxane pollution


US State wants companies to be held accountable for cleaning up widespread contamination

Charles Lieber

Sentencing delayed again for Harvard’s former chemistry head


Charles Lieber faces up to 26 years in prison and $1.2 million in fines

Susan Perkin

Developing custom apparatus to determine battery electrolyte sweet spots


Susan Perkin discusses the unique technique she uses to understand liquids and how they interact with surfaces


RNA building block uracil recovered from near-Earth asteroid Ryugu


Japanese mission returns pristine sample to bolster idea that prebiotic chemicals could have been delivered by meteorites


Skeletal editing provides a simple route to access isoquinolines


Direct nitrogen atom insertion into a broad range of indenes and cyclopentadienes


Harvesting water from the air with organic crystals


Discovery could lead to novel technologies for fighting water scarcity

Glowing diagnostics

Glow-in-the-dark proteins offer cheap and fast diagnostic tests


Covid-19 can be detected with the sensitivity of PCR and the ease of lateral flow

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Addressing anxiety – Building a better chemistry culture

  • The roadmap to a sustainable future for polymers

  • Themed collection: Sustainable Laboratories

  • The Sustainable Laboratories report

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Betty Wright Harris’s explosive career

  • Masataka Ogawa and the search for nipponium

  • Elizabeth Fulhame, the 18th century chemistry pioneer who faded from history

  • William Knox, the only Black supervisor in the Manhattan Project


Caterpillar eating leaf

How do plants sense stress?


How does an organism without a brain or a nervous system sense when it’s under attack? Hayley Bennett presents the plant world’s strange yet sophisticated system for responding to wounding

Nuclear material disposal

The long future of nuclear waste


Although enthusiasm for atomic energy has waxed and waned over the decades, Bárbara Pinho finds the question of waste has yet to be solved

Digital protein

Changing the game in protein structure prediction


Have AlphaFold and other machine learning techniques essentially solved the formerly fiendish problem, or is there still more to be done? Clare Sansom reports

Wood texture

The wonderful wizards of wood


Clever chemistry can turn humble timber into a sustainable material with many uses, Kit Chapman finds

  • Uranus: exploring the ice-cold chemistry of the ‘frozen frontier’

  • Addressing anxiety – Building a better chemistry culture