Cartoons of brains with legs wheeling suitcases onto a plane

Exodus of scientists from Russia has passed 50,000 since 2018 as more pack their bags to go


Russia’s war on Ukraine and longstanding problems with underfunding and career progression are fuelling a brain drain

A grey mother cat lying on her side as a litter of four grey and ginger kittens drink her milk

Gene therapy jab offers cheap and safe way to sterilise stray cats


Treatment could help to tackle populations of feral cats that threaten wildlife


Chemical firms kept data on PFAS health hazards secret


Documents suggest that DuPont and 3M had evidence of PFAS toxicity but suppressed the findings

Woman using face cream

UK diverges from EU rules with cosmetics animal testing ban


UK will no longer allow Reach-required animal tests intended to prove worker safety

Plastic bottle

First draft of a global treaty to curb plastic pollution expected by November


The first draft should lead to a legally binding international agreement, possibly by the end of 2024

A Beyond Burger, a vegan veggie burger, is seen at the Vedang fast food restaurant

Study casts doubt on cultivated meat’s low carbon promise


Preprint suggests that food grown from animal cells could have a global warming potential many times greater than beef

A magnifying glass looking at a computer screen showing the Nobel Prize website

Nobel nominations analysis reveals factors behind who won in the past


Study suggests that human influences and organised behaviour played a greater role than numbers of nominations

A grand white marble building with a clock tower and gardens

Report highlights job insecurity and mental health strain in academia


Baseline pay and conditions compare well to other sectors for permanent staff

Solid state battery

Lithium dendrite understanding will help unpick durability issues of solid-state batteries


Fractures found to occur in two stages, with cracks initially occurring at pores 


Digestion of artificial sweetener sucralose appears to create metabolite that damages DNA


A compound formed when Splenda is consumed – and is even found in off-the-shelf sucralose – is suspected to be genotoxic


Click chemistry with sound-induced mechanocatalysis


Researcher behind work says they ‘could be very close to a perfect way to conduct green chemistry’

False colour image

Aromatic molecules in a galaxy far, far away


JWST IR observations suggest star formation was rapid and uneven in early galaxy

Two glass vials one contains a yellow liquid and the other contains a reddish brown liquid

Mechanochemistry makes gold salts that are soluble in organic solvents


No need for aqua regia, chlorine or mercury in this gold processing method

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

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Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Betty Wright Harris’s explosive career

  • Masataka Ogawa and the search for nipponium


Making the moon home

The race to build a base on the moon


Nina Notman talks to scientists helping to return humans to the moon – for good this time


The Sun rises on perovskites


With the first solar cells scheduled for commercial sale this year, Tim Wogan looks at the long, hard road to producing stable perovskite photovoltaics

Coiled limpet tongue light microscopy

A new generation of materials inspired by teeth


Ian Le Guillou finds that some of nature’s toughest structures are helping scientists to develop new fibres that could revolutionise fabrics

Battery research

Building better batteries


The next generation of battery technologies might pack significantly more power into the electric cars and mobile devices of the future. James Mitchell Crow reports

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  • Cutting-edge cosmetics: innovating for sustainability with machine learning & molecular simulations

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