An illustration showing a blackboard with aromatic compounds written on it

The search for the grand unification of aromaticity


Researchers have been trying to find a full definition of aromaticity for almost two centuries, and yet keep discovering new types. Katrina Krämer asks when chemists will get to the bottom of this elusive concept. 

An image of a protein structure appearing as blue and teal coloured helices and swirly patterns

Machine learning delivers ‘human genome’ moment for proteins


Protein structure prediction tools AlphaFold and RoseTTAFold take the latest steps towards maturity and make their software open source

An image showing the concept of aromaticity

What is aromaticity?


Assessing a concept that has become messy

An image showing Kamensk-Shakhtinsky

Fire in Russian chemical plant kills one, injures six


Government to investigate a fatal fire at military production facility in southern Russia

An image showing Yuan T Lee

Nobel laureates accuse China of attempting to censor Taiwanese chemist


The US National Academy of Sciences came under pressure to revoke the invite of chemistry laureate Yuan Lee to a climate summit

An image showing frozen chicken

Deadly liquid nitrogen leak at US poultry plant prompts $1m in fines


Georgia chicken processing facility, its gas supplier and cleaners failed to implement safety procures that could have saved six lives

A photo showing a white blonde woman in a white lab coat. She's standing with her back to the camera in front of a lab bench, holding a clipboard on her left hand, inspecting at a wall full of shelves of glassware and other lab equipment

UK’s innovation strategy reiterates ambitious science funding targets


The country’s aim to spend a record £22 billion on research each year will go alongside immigration reforms and an agency for blue skies research

An image showing protac

Pfizer backs protein degrader drugs with Arvinas deal


$1bn investment to commercialise breast cancer treatment

An image showing a unit cell

Giant crystal lattice is mesoporous but not a MOF


Non-covalent network has the largest unit cell among non-MOFs

An image showing a large lizard-like animal with a sail, similar to a bat's wing, on its back. It is standing at the edge of a body of water showing off its impressive teeth

There was more than simple oxygen depletion to ancient mass extinction event


Thallium isotopes reveal that rapid swings in ocean oxygenation preceded the events that wiped out 90% of species 250 million years ago

An image showing a reaction scheme

Heavy-atom quantum tunnelling catalysed with Lewis acids


Lewis acid–base interactions found to increase quantum tunnelling rates of rearrangement reaction

Orange round shapes in five circles, some encompassed in green squares with an L and an R

Machine-learning tool performs stereochemical assignments on SPM images


Identifying chiral centres on SPM images with machine-learning tools only takes a few hours and could save researchers time

A closeup photo of a droplet with a golden metallic sheen to it

First fleeting glimpse of metallic water


Electron doping briefly turns water into golden metal

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Is chemical recycling of plastics the future?

  • Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Should we design biodegradable plastics?

  • Progressive plastics webinars

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Kathleen Culhane Lathbury – an industrial pioneer

  • Mabel FitzGerald and the mystery of oxygen sensing

  • Polly Porter, crystallography pioneer

  • Mary Sherman Morgan: The best kept secret in the space race

  • Julia Lermontova: an early pioneer

  • Margarita Salas: the marquesa of molecular biology

  • Sylvia Stoesser – the first female chemist at Dow

  • Martin Gouterman: the gay man behind the four-orbital model

  • Stefanie Horovitz – the woman behind the isotope


A composite of old photos of scientists involved in insulin

One hundred years of insulin


Mike Sutton looks at the journey the diabetes treatment took from the Toronto miracle to mass-production – via a controversial trip to Stockholm

An image showing brines pools of the Salar de Atacama

The long road to sustainable lithium-ion batteries


Lithium-ion batteries could save the planet from petrol-driven cars, but do the batteries themselves live up to their sustainable reputation? Katharine Sanderson investigates efforts to make batteries better

An illustration showing supermetals vs superbugs

Supermetals versus superbugs


With pathogenic bacteria rapidly overcoming our arsenal of organic antibiotics, James Mitchell Crow asks if it is time to revisit metal-based antimicrobials

An image showing a ferrofluid

The rise of ferrofluids


Magnetic liquids are taking off, Hayley Bennett reports, but not as their inventor once imagined

  • Is chemical recycling of plastics the future?

  • Moving beyond spreadsheets: rational design of materials using advanced informatics and machine learning

  • Streamlining small-molecule discovery chemistry with Torx

  • The era of data analytics: What it takes to succeed beyond the hype