Flu vaccine

Universal flu vaccine could head off future pandemics


More effective mRNA-based vaccine offers hope of ending annual flu shots for at risk groups


The diamond synthesisers


Nina Notman takes a whistle-stop tour of the synthetic diamond industry and learns about some of the applications its lab-grown diamonds are being used for

Accept and reject

Journals to trial tool that automatically flags reproducibility and transparency issues in papers


Software aims to check a paper’s trustworthiness 

A line of oil rail tankers on a track

US government intervenes to avert rail strike


Congress enforces a contract deal to prevent a national rail shutdown that would effectively halt chemicals production

People on a protest. Their placards read UAW on strike.

Strike continues as University of California reaches partial agreement with union


Historic wins on pay and working conditions secured, but student employees and researchers still waiting

The exterior of a nuclear power plant

Situation at Ukrainian nuclear plants worrying as shelling and power cuts threaten containment


Back-up diesel generators have been needed to maintain cooling at plants across the country

ExoMars rover

European Space Agency unveils plans to get troubled rover to Mars


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ended European cooperation on launch of Rosalind Franklin rover

Coca plant

Coca plants’ production pathway for cocaine finally unravelled


167-year-old biosynthetic mystery may be solved

PVC plastic

New lease of life for waste PVC chlorinating aromatics


Electrochemical process could tackle hard to recycle plastic

Scientists stood in a lab

Radium chelator researchers working to improve targeted cancer therapies


Oak Ridge National Lab team investigate factors underpinnning Ra2+ complex stability and selectivity in attempt to expand the therapeutic utility of radium-223

Magnet motor

Powerful rare-earth free magnet ‘evolved’ and refined by machine learning algorithm


Combination of iron, cobalt and boron points to alternatives to metals beset by geopolitical battles

n-butyl lithium

Mystery surrounding metalation reaction’s reagent excess solved


Multiple ‘base-eating’ aggregates discovered in classic directed ortho lithiation

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Themed collection: Sustainable Laboratories

  • The Sustainable Laboratories report

  • Sustainability applies to all polymers, not just plastics

  • Belonging and connection – Building a better chemistry culture

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Betty Wright Harris’s explosive career

  • Masataka Ogawa and the search for nipponium

  • Elizabeth Fulhame, the 18th century chemistry pioneer who faded from history

  • William Knox, the only Black supervisor in the Manhattan Project

  • Margaret Melhase Fuchs and the radioactive isotope

  • PC Ray: A genius chemist who dreamed of a modern India

  • Jim West’s marvellous microphone

  • Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier the invisible assistant


Unravelling the secrets of Ancient Egyptian chemistry

Unwrapping ancient Egyptian chemistry


From mummification to metallurgy, Rachel Brazil looks at the impressive chemistry used by this ancient civilisation

Louis Pasteur collage

Celebrating Louis Pasteur’s bicentenary


Mike Sutton reflects on the dramatic discoveries of Louis Pasteur, born 200 years ago

Half eaten cake

The brain chemicals that control what we enjoy


Researchers are trying to understand how orexins influence our appetites, and whether we can use them to treat addiction and obesity, explains Andy Extance

Molecular electronics diagram

When will molecular electronics make the connection?


Computer chips based on single molecules may remain a work in progress, finds James Mitchell Crow but the technologies developed along the way are being used by chemists to explore their reactions