Masataka Ogawa

Masataka Ogawa and the search for nipponium


Could a Japanese scientist, whose claim to have discovered an element was dismissed, been right all along? Kit Chapman investigates

Jordan explosion

At least 13 dead in massive chlorine release in Jordan


Tanker of gas fell during loading at the port of Aqaba, injuring hundreds

CCU stripper and absorber column

UK’s first ‘industrial scale’ carbon capture plant opens in Cheshire


40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be captured each year at Tata Chemicals Europe facility

Spraying pesticide

European commission proposal seeks to cut EU pesticide use in half by 2030


Ambitious targets will rely on roll-out of integrated pest management techniques and extra payments to farmers

Sample being loaded onto the TwoMP mass photometer

Measuring biomolecules’ mass with light


Refeyn’s mass photometry is a new addition to the bioanalytical toolkit

Cancer Research UK shop

Medical research charities report £260 million shortfall due to pandemic


The impact of Covid-19 on fundraising efforts sees charities slash research support

Sputnik vaccine

New questions raised over Sputnik Covid vaccine results point to fraudulent practices


Analysis comparing Sputnik results with five other Covid vaccines finds phase 3 trial outcome is highly improbable

Shanghai explosion

Deadly explosion and fire at petrochemical plant in China


Transport vehicle driver killed and another employee injured at Sinopec in Shanghai

Sound waves

Acoustic analysis is music to mechanochemical ears


A new technique uses soundwaves to monitor ball-milling reactions


Tiny orbitals paint intuitive picture of large molecules’ reactivity


Frontier molecular orbitalets pinpoint location and energy of reactive bonds in large compounds

Staphylococcus aureus

Molecular machine drills holes in antibiotic-resistant bacteria killing them


Bacteria aren’t able to develop resistance against nanomotor’s deadly action


Tripeptide catalyst that creates carbon–carbon bonds works in milk, beer and cell lysates


Study sparks excitement by showing a short-chain peptide can be a potent catalyst in numerous complex environments

Friends smiling

The odour of amity: how you smell can predict friendships


Strangers who smell alike tend to form an instant connection with each other on first meeting

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Belonging and connection – Building a better chemistry culture

  • How polluting is plastic?

  • Is chemical recycling of plastics the future?

  • Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Masataka Ogawa and the search for nipponium

  • Elizabeth Fulhame, the 18th century chemistry pioneer who faded from history

  • William Knox, the only Black supervisor in the Manhattan Project

  • Margaret Melhase Fuchs and the radioactive isotope

  • PC Ray: A genius chemist who dreamed of a modern India

  • Jim West’s marvellous microphone

  • Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier the invisible assistant

  • June Lindsey, another forgotten woman in the story of DNA

  • James LuValle, a chemist who broke the colour barrier

  • The lifesaving work of Evelyn Hickmans


A seamstress fitting a pill-printed dress onto a woman using a DNA tape

Using genetics to personalise prescriptions


We’ve known for a long time that different people respond to certain drugs to very different extents, but now cheap DNA testing could make these disparities a thing of the past, as Ian Le Guillou reports

Petrol pumps with labels indicating synthetic fuels

Is synthetic petroleum the missing link in the route to net zero?


Weaning our economy off liquid fuels could be impossible, so can we make them without the carbon emissions? Rachel Brazil surveys the scene

Bioorthogonal chemistry

The bioorthogonal revolution


A set of reactions operating silently inside live cells or whole animals are lighting up chemical biology and inspiring new medicines, James Mitchell Crow finds

Self-forming shoe

3D printing adds another dimension


Nina Notman learns how 4D printing is opening the door to unique smart materials whose applications may only be limited by our imaginations

  • Declutter your data: optimise your way to the best digital process chemistry workflow