An illustrated portrait of Marguerite Perey

Marguerite Perey and the last element in nature


Kit Chapman tells the story of the chemist who discovered francium, but was almost denied the credit

LG Polymers plant in Visakhapatnam

Deadly Indian incidents highlight relaxed regulations


Concern over human and environmental cost of reforms aimed at ease of doing business

An image showing a lock

Blow to open access Plan S as European Research Council withdraws


Disagreements over hybrid publishing caused research funder to part ways with coalition

An image showing a box of paracetamol

Paracetamol, ibuprofen and other painkillers may harm those suffering from chronic pain


Opioids and benzodiazepines should also be avoided in favour of non-drug therapies for treating chronic pain, recommends UK clinical practice body

An image showing an hourglass

Research excellence framework resumes after four month hiatus


New timetable and guidance released following coronavirus shut down

Headshot of Jean Pierre Bourguignon

French mathematician returns as interim European Research Council president


Jean-Pierre Bourguignon takes the reins after previous head’s acrimonious departure

Quantum tunnelling

Explainer: What is quantum tunnelling?


Welcome to a weird world where reactions that ought to be impossible occur regularly

An image showing the experimental setup used to cut multiple hairs in situ

How does hair blunt steel blades?


Electron microscopy reveals how hairs chip and crack stainless steel blades while shaving

An image showing Mandë Holford

Translating snail venom research from beach to bench and beyond


Meet Mandë Holford, an interdisciplinary scientist following tangents that arise when exploring the molecular-level workings of venom peptides

An image showing a molecular knot

Knotted molecules can transfer chirality from the nano to the macroscale


Simply unknotting a molecule added to liquid crystals can invert their chirality

An image showing stingless bees

Rare trehalulose sugar found in stingless bee’s honey


Stingless bee honey could be beneficial for diabetes patients as our body digests trehalulose more slowly than sucrose

An image showing the graphical abstract

Smart stirrer bar monitors while it mixes


$20 stirrer can send real-time reaction data to your smartphone

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Tackling bullying and harassment – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Welcoming a new era: A time for digital scientific discovery

  • Building a better chemistry culture

  • Managing isolation – Building a better chemistry culture

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Marguerite Perey and the last element in nature

  • Ghanaian biochemistry TV star Marian Addy

  • Barbara Low, penicillin and the protein pi helix

  • Alice Ball’s treatment for leprosy

  • Eunice Foote: the mother of climate change

  • Jimmy Robinson and the atom bomb elements

  • The indomitable Toshiko Mayeda

  • Theodora Greene’s protecting groups

  • Ellie Knaggs and tetrahedral carbon

An image showing a folding molecule

The function of folding


Can chemists make molecules that fold up as well as proteins? Rachel Brazil talks to the people trying to create foldamers


The complex chemistry of fire


Despite its ubiquity in human life, chemists have still barely unlocked what’s happening amid the flames. Kit Chapman reports

An image showing a man collecting water produced from a solar powered pilot project

Atmospheric water harvesting


With drought threatening many parts of the world, Nina Notman explores technologies for sucking water out of thin air

An illustration showing metalloenzymes

Metalloenzyme mastery


There are natural metalloenzymes that make difficult chemistry look easy. James Mitchell Crow talks to the bioinorganic chemists figuring out how to copy them

  • Tackling bullying and harassment – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Embracing digital efficiency to rescue 2020

  • Synthace: Accelerating process development with automated Design of Experiments

  • Illuminating research with the LightOx PhotoReact 365 benchtop photoreactor