An illustration showing the rod of Asclepius with RNA wrapped around it

Drugging RNA


Some medicinal chemists have changed their focus from proteins to target RNA, finds Rachel Brazil 

A photo showing the Earth, atmosphere and space

Newly identified greenhouse gas with no known use an ‘early warning’


Montreal Protocol doesn’t sufficiently control harmful by-products made during other chemical production processes, say atmospheric scientists

A framed portrati of Julia Lermontova

Julia Lermontova: an early pioneer


Katharine Sanderson tells the story of a 19th century Russian chemist who made contributions across a range of chemistry

An image showing a frozen Texas sign

Polar storm paralyses US Gulf Coast petrochemical sector


Days after ‘icepocalypse’ hit Texas, 75% of US ethylene capacity was still offline, as was 70% of its polypropylene and 40% of propylene production

An image showing coronavirus particles

Green light for world’s first Sars-CoV-2 studies that will infect healthy volunteers


UK trials will assess how well Covid-19 treatments work and if vaccines protect against new virus variants

An image showing coronavirus an antibodies

Coronavirus variants stymie success of monoclonal antibodies


Lab-made antibodies can treat and protect people from Covid-19 but are more likely to succeed when administered as a cocktail

An image showing Khalsa College in India

Funding body plans to revive research fortunes of India’s left behind universities


National Research Foundation aims to rejuvenate and transform the country’s research with well-funded five-year programme


UK will have new ‘high-risk, high-reward’ research funding agency in 2022


£800 million fund is based on the US Advanced Research Projects Agency model

Animated gif showing a mineral plastic foam that is not flammable

Mineral plastic made into fireproof foam


Pre-gelation strategy could be key to non-combustible insulation materials

An image showing LCLS

Watching solvent molecules move in real time


X-ray techniques and molecular dynamics simulations were combined to obtain a molecular movie of a light-driven charge-transfer process

An image showing the distribution of bond critical points and bond paths

Cations pairs exhibit surprising attraction


‘Complex of complexes’ containing silver and iodonium ions experience an unprecendented interaction

An image showing an equation

Pressure used to define relationship between atomic radii and electronegativity


Analysis of electronic state transitions uncovers long-sought connection between key chemical concepts

An illustration of kinesin motor proteins (stick-like structures with tiny 'feet') carrying vesicles (shown as large spheres attached to the top of the kinesin stick) along a microtubule (rail-like tubes the kinesin's feet are attached to))

Walking protein’s tiny steps measured with germanium nanospheres


Highest ever resolution measurements suggests answer to kinesin dispute

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Chemistry pedagogy for a modern world

  • LGBT+ inclusivity – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Celebrating Black History Month

  • Trust in peer review

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Julia Lermontova: an early pioneer

  • Margarita Salas: the marquesa of molecular biology

  • Sylvia Stoesser – the first female chemist at Dow

  • Martin Gouterman: the gay man behind the four-orbital model

  • Stefanie Horovitz – the woman behind the isotope

  • Marguerite Perey and the last element in nature

  • Ghanaian biochemistry TV star Marian Addy

  • Barbara Low, penicillin and the protein pi helix

  • Alice Ball’s treatment for leprosy

  • Eunice Foote: the mother of climate change

A colorized image of Venus

The hellish chemistry of Venus’ atmosphere


The potential presence of phosphine on Venus is only the latest twist in the strange chemistry of our planetary neighbour, finds Clare Sansom

An image showing a fossil mobile phone

Marking the Anthropocene


The idea that we’re in a human-influenced geological epoch is gaining traction, but how will future geologists measure it? Rachel Brazil finds out

An illustration showin DNA nanotechnology

DNA machines get a move on


Devices made from nucleic acids are starting to find their feet, says Nina Notman

An image showing Joe Biden winning the elections

Biden thrills US research community with his science ‘dream team’


The new US president has elevated the role of science in the White House

  • High-throughput reaction screening for accelerated materials research

  • Addressing gender parity across the Commonwealth

  • Smarter experimentation for scientists and engineers

  • Gaining an edge through smarter experimentation

  • Physics-based computational modeling applied to the design and optimisation of biologics