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  • A ship drifts through a heavy band of oil, spilled from Deepwater Horizon wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico, May 2010

    Oil spill cleanup

    1 June 2018

    Is the cure worse than the disease? Katrina Krämer looks at the new alternatives to traditional dispersants and surfactants

  • Morpho Butterfly Wing close-up

    Structural colour

    25 May 2018

    From iridescent butterflies and beetles to fish-scales and petals – can nature show us how to make sustainable pigments and dyes? Angeli Mehta takes a look

  • Chemical bottle with ethical warning labels

    Ethics in chemistry

    18 May 2018

    Nina Notman asks whether chemists should be giving more consideration to the ethics of their research

  • Understanding Alzheimer's - Amyloid plaques

    Understanding Alzheimer’s

    11 May 2018

    After hundreds of failed drug candidates, James Mitchell Crow asks if this is the last roll of the dice for the amyloid theory of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Pic cw version 2

    The molecular basis of circadian rhythms

    4 May 2018

    Every cell of every organism has its own little clock, but what makes it tick? Fiona Case finds out

  • 3D printer printing drugs, concept illustration

    3D printing in pharma

    27 April 2018

    Nina Notman explores how 3D printing is carving out a niche for itself in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Different liquids, gases and solids colliding

    Combining homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis

    20 April 2018

    Can you make a catalyst that has the stability and recyclability of a heterogeneous one with the selectivity of a homogeneous one? Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists finding out

  • 0418CW - Green Chemistry Feature - opening schematic - Index

    Solvents and sustainability

    13 April 2018

    Organic solvents make up a huge part of the waste from the chemical industry. Clare Sansom looks at efforts to reduce the loss or replace them entirely

  • Ikea-style manual for step by step gene synthesis

    Step-by-step synthesis of DNA

    6 April 2018

    Andy Extance discovers how scientists are delivering the extremely accurate DNA chemistry and biochemistry needed to make genes – and even genomes

  • Protein folding origami concept illustration

    Go with the fold

    30 March 2018

    From a seemingly impossible problem a few years ago, some researchers think that predicting the folded structures of protein could be solved pretty soon. James Mitchell Crow reports