Bonds under pressure

When a bond gets too extreme


Chemical bonds are part of the way chemists rationalise the behaviour of atoms in the conditions of the world around them. Tim Wogan looks at how they are affected when those conditions change

Weak bonding

Reaching into the non-covalent toolbox


Alongside supramolecular stalwarts, budding bonding forms are vying to be valuable, finds Andy Extance

Mechanical bonding

The mechanical side of bonding


Synthetic chemists are finally mastering the assembly of interlocked molecules held together by the mechanical bond, find James Mitchell Crow

Curiosity Surveys "Teal Ridge"

The perchlorate Martian mystery


Rachel Brazil looks at how the compounds might have formed on our neighbouring planet and whether they could be useful for future exploration

  • The quantum dot story

  • Using DNA evidence to picture suspects

  • The drug developers fighting the antibiotic resistance problem

  • The liquid metals giving catalysis a new phase

  • Fixing nitrogen fixing

  • The race to build a base on the moon

  • Building better batteries

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