Illustration of plants bearing tablets and drug capsules as flowers

From folklore to pharmacy

13 August 2018By

Although many drugs have in the past come from plants, Hayley Bennett discovers that it’s hard work getting them approved today

3 to 2 ratio pic of Derek Barton

Derek Barton and shape-shifting molecules

6 August 2018By

It’s 100 years since Derek Barton was born. Mike Sutton looks at his work developing conformational analysis

Hydrogen hero illustration

Hydrogen: still the fuel of the future?

30 July 2018By

Is the dream of a hydrogen-fuelled future still a pipe dream, or is it in the pipeline? Angeli Mehta investigates

150 years of helium index gif

150 years of helium

23 July 2018By

Humanity took a long time to notice the second most common chemical element in the universe, James Mitchell Crow notes. Today we would struggle to do without it

mechanochemical purple index

Introducing mechanochemistry

16 July 2018By

Mechanochemical synthesis offers a different way to make compounds. Nina Notman asks whether we should all get grinding

Glass blower Stan Sheldon at University of California, Riverside in 2013

Glass: the chemist’s best friend

6 July 2018By

Where would we be without our glassware? Tabitha Watson looks through the history and current state of chemistry’s favourite amorphous solid

Rusted metal sheet

The nanocoatings holding back corrosion

29 June 2018By Rachel Brazil

Corrosion is an age-old problem, but some of the latest solutions are distinctly 21st century. Rachel Brazil reports

Aerial shot of the Getty Conservation Institute campus

The art of conservation

22 June 2018By

The Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles is developing innovative new approaches to art conservation. Fiona Case paid them a visit

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Students in chemistry class

How to become a chemistry teacher

15 August 2018By

Teaching can be an intense but rewarding and refreshing career change

Poster presentations at the Royal Society of Chemistry India roadshow

The art of crafting conferences

24 July 2018By Rachel Brazil

The benefits and challenges of three approaches to scientific meetings

araon ice floe adjusted credit Karen Assmann   hero

An Antarctic researcher's field diary

6 May 2018By

Karen Assmann records her latest expedition to the world’s southern continent

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