3D FIB-SEM on a fluid catalytic cracking particle showing pore network and streamlines

A slice of ion beam–scanning microscopy

14 June 2017By

From brain cells to batteries, is there anything focused ion beam–scanning electron microscopy can’t study?

Estimated TB incidence rates 2015 data  - Hero

Access to drugs: a failure of pharma?

7 June 2017By

Many people around the world are either unable to afford the drugs they need, or their conditions have not been addressed by pharma R&D. Sarah Houlton investigates

Gene therapy hero

Delivering gene therapy

25 May 2017By

After some well-publicised problems, gene therapy – delivering DNA into people’s cells using viruses – is booming, Anthony King finds

Gmelin’s handbooks

200 years of Gmelin’s handbook

17 May 2017By

2017 marks 200 years since Leopold Gmelin first published his influential handbook – and it’s still going strong, as Mike Sutton discovers

i stock 178840831 hero 1600x900

Raiders of the lost pigments

8 May 2017By Rachel Brazil

The old sculptures in museums have lost their original colour, but chemistry can help us discover how they used to look

CW0517 - Feature - Spiker Silk - Spider web - Hero flipped

Spinning out spider silk research

1 May 2017By

Spider silk is finding applications as diverse as tissue transplants and training shoes

Skin-like microfluidic system for analysis of sweat

Wearable technology

23 April 2017By

The future of wearable gadgets will be tiny, flexible, skin-like devices capable of monitoring your health

Hydrothermal vent

Hydrothermal vents and the origins of life

16 April 2017By Rachel Brazil

Did life start on land or underwater?

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0717CW - The Insider - ageism (old) illustration - Main

Should older academics be forced to retire?

21 June 2017By

Why some universities are requiring staff to step down

0617CW - The Insider - Changing careers concept illustration - Hero

Back to school

23 May 2017By

Why a second degree could open up new avenues in your career

HMS Vanguard nuclear submarine

Maintaining the UK's nuclear deterrent

10 April 2017By

The scientific challenges of working on a weapon that can never be tested

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