Skin-like microfluidic system for analysis of sweat

Wearable technology

23 April 2017By

The future of wearable gadgets will be tiny, flexible, skin-like devices capable of monitoring your health

Hydrothermal vent

Hydrothermal vents and the origins of life

16 April 2017By Rachel Brazil

Did life start on land or underwater?

a reversible covalent inhibitor

Covalent inhibitor drugs

10 April 2017By

Exceptions to a long-held rule against chemically bonding to biological targets are powering new cancer medicines, finds Andy Extance

Complex pipework with raised hands

The flow revolution

3 April 2017By

Continuous approaches are starting to find use in fine chemicals, as Angeli Mehta discovers

Goldsmiths coin

Meet the guardians of gold

30 March 2017By Elinor Hughes

Elinor Hughes visits Goldsmiths’ assay office

CW0417 - MOFs feature - MOF-5

MOFs find a use

28 March 2017By

Nina Notman takes stock of the first products containing metal–organic frameworks to hit the shelves

CW0417 - Smart phone feature - Hero 1

Smartphone recycling

20 March 2017By

Although smartphones contain a host of valuable metals, getting at them is the tricky bit. Emma Davies reports

Cormorant with perch

Antidepressant pollution

13 March 2017By

What are the consequences of medicating wildlife against anxiety and depression? Ida Emilie Steinmark reports

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0317CW - How to... CVs - Hero

How to tailor your CV for different countries

23 February 2017By , , Robert Bowles

What employers in Germany, the US and the UK want

Two young researchers working in a chemistry lab

Why apprenticeships are science's future

13 February 2017By

Practical experience and no student debt make vocational training an enticing career option

0217CW - The Insider - The heart of chemistry sub-disciplines concept illustration - Hero

Time to lose chemistry’s subdisciplines?

16 January 2017By Rachel Brazil

Organic, inorganic and physical – do they mean anything in modern chemistry?

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