Seven chemistry Nobel laureates and their hobbies

What do Nobel laureates do to relax?

4 October 2017By Chemistry World

We asked seven chemistry Nobel laureates what they do to relax

The Nobel Seven

Nobel laureate interviews

2 October 2017By Chemistry World

We asked seven chemistry Nobel laureates what their favourite molecule is, and learnt a few things we weren’t expecting

The long road to an HIV vaccination

The long road to an HIV vaccine

27 September 2017By

A vaccine may not be available anytime soon, but its proponents are hard at work

Blue abstract light trails

Photoredox: charge of the LED brigade

20 September 2017By

Forget fluorescent light bulbs, photochemistry has become a lot more sophisticated

Collecting plastics from polluted river in Manila, Philippines

Recycling is taking back plastic

15 September 2017By

Angeli Mehta explores the evolution of plastic recycling technology and looks to a rubbish-free future

A selection of legal high packets in the UK

The rising tide of 'legal highs'

6 September 2017By

Andy Extance investigates the chemistry that has helped recreational drugs evade the law, and its consequences

Bowl of rice - Hero

Arsenic and rice - a growing problem?

22 August 2017By

Hayley Bennett highlights rice’s natural affinity for arsenic and what researchers are doing about it

Hand catching pills

Environmentally benign by design

15 August 2017By

The challenge of designing drugs with biodegradability in mind

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Joystick on a vintage arcade machine

Video games are enabling discovery

9 October 2017By Rachel Brazil

Gamification is harnessing an untapped army of citizen scientists

Diamond Homepage hero

Take a tour of the Diamond Light Source

17 September 2017By

The synchrotron researchers exploring the world in atomic detail

0817CW - The Insider - Science laboratory equipment rental

Would you rent your lab equipment?

26 July 2017By

Virtual sharing and equopment loans are making access to vital research tools easier

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