Deal or no deal - Hero

Deal or no deal?

17 February 2017By

Clare Sansom highlights recent changes in the landscape of pharma company collaborations and acquisitions

Dark Protein - DNA autoradiogram

Shedding light on the dark proteome

13 February 2017By

Around half of all human proteins are a mystery. What do they look like, asks Phil Ball

Chemical fossils - sea ice

Chemical fossils

2 February 2017By

Andy Extance finds out what organic molecules made by microorganisms and plants far in the past can tell us about climate

Refreshing leaded Flint water

US water crisis

20 January 2017By

The problems that the US city of Flint had with its water were just the first drip in a wider problem, finds Sarah Houlton

London air pollution

Urban air pollution

12 January 2017By

Nina Notman meets the chemists breathing fresh air into urban air pollution research

Opium poppy seed head - Hero

New opioid drugs

3 January 2017By

Creating powerful new painkillers is a constant battle against side-effects – particularly addictions. James Mitchell Crow reports

Brussel sprouts

Explainer: The chemistry of farts

21 December 2016By

We usually see flatulence as funny or embarrassing – but its chemistry is intimately entwined with our health

Rheometer measuring system

Lab automation

20 December 2016By Anthony King

Automated tools can take the drudgery out of routine lab work, Anthony King reports

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0217CW - The Insider - The heart of chemistry sub-disciplines concept illustration - Hero

Time to lose chemistry’s subdisciplines?

16 January 2017By Rachel Brazil

Organic, inorganic and physical – do they mean anything in modern chemistry?


How to build a group website

12 January 2017By ,

Does it pay to be quirky? Our judges review different approaches to sharing your research online

Astra Zeneca students

Catching up with AstraZeneca's graduate programme

20 December 2016By

Three years on, Manisha Lalloo revisits the pharma giant’s training scheme

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