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Hairstyling process using hairspray in a beauty salon

Household chemicals contribute as much as vehicles to urban emissions

Air pollution study finds VOC emissions from everyday products have been hugely underestimated

Unidentified Agricultural workers spraying pesticide in soybean fields. An Indian farming scene. Akola,Maharashtra, India

State ban renews debate on harmful pesticides in India

Punjab’s action outlawing 20 pesticides is part of a nationwide re-evaluation

First Atomic Explosion on July 16, 1945. First Atomic Explosion on July 16, 1945. Photograph taken at 9 seconds after the initial Trinity detonation shows the Mushroom cloud. Manhattan Project. Alamogordo, New Mexico

Clean up agreed for radioactive waste from Manhattan Project

Missouri landfill site to be excavated to deal with illegally dumped material created by development of first atomic weapons

Grangemouth Refinery Scotland UK

Chemicals strategy to lay out UK government aspirations after Brexit

Twenty-five year environment plan short on details


beginning of the storm over the lake. photo

US climate assessment committee resurrected

A climate advisory panel disbanded by the Trump administration will be funded by Columbia University and New York State

rocky beach north of the Arctic Sea

Fears that ancient methane could add to warming may be unfounded

Methane released from Arctic seafloor appears to be metabolised by bacteria

Ruins of the Nile Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt

Ancient Egyptian uprisings triggered by volcanic eruptions

New evidence that changes in atmospheric chemistry caused social stresses and uprisings against the ruling elite

A photograph of flares at a refinery

ExxonMobil agrees to install pollution controls

Settlement with US government compels firm to improve emissions control and monitoring at eight chemical plants