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Dirty water discharged into a river c WvdMPhotography   Shutterstock

UN’s non-toxic targets unlikely to be achieved

The United Nations’ goal of achieving a ‘poison-free environment’ by 2020 won’t be met, Sweden’s chemicals agency warns

Tractor fertilizing wheat field

Nanoparticle fertilisers show promise

Overuse of traditional chemicals could be tackled using nanotech

Polar bear couple cuddling on drift ice in artict Svalbard

Persistent pollutants push polar bear penises to breaking point

Bear penile bone study found higher risk of brittleness linked to ingestion of toxic chemicals

A bin-full of trash on the street of New York City

No decisive action on UK coffee cup waste problem

Despite environmental committee’s urging the UK government is hesitant to introduce a ‘latte levy’


Coral reef with fish

Iron-rich rock helps oceans sink atmospheric carbon

Pouring powdered peridotites into the sea could be another way to combat climate change

Plastic waste

Outline for Europe’s first waste to methanol plant

Enerkem teams up with AkzoNobel and Air Liquide to turn rubbish into raw materials

beginning of the storm over the lake. photo

US climate assessment committee resurrected

A climate advisory panel disbanded by the Trump administration will be funded by Columbia University and New York State

rocky beach north of the Arctic Sea

Fears that ancient methane could add to warming may be unfounded

Methane released from Arctic seafloor appears to be metabolised by bacteria