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Chemistry World




Hand catching pills

Environmentally benign by design

The challenge of designing drugs with biodegradability in mind

oil spill on water

Oil collector drums up hope for oceans

Two-faced barrel attracts then traps oil spills at speed

layers of tilted sedimentary rock

Ancient ocean oxygen tracked using thallium

Cretaceous oceans gradually lost oxygen before the dramatic anoxic event that led to mass extinction

Crop spraying

Global movement on endocrine disruptors

National Academies warns endocrine active chemicals may be harmful at lower doses than the US currently tests for


Climeworks index

Carbon capture from air goes commercial

Companies hope to produce pure carbon dioxide straight from the atmosphere

Andrew Liveris

Trump and Dow Chemical chief executive clashed on climate

White House adviser and head of US’s largest chemical firm, Andrew Liveris, tried to change the president’s mind on Paris accord

X-ray diffraction pattern of square ice

Nanosized ice crystals might be the most cubic possible

Ultrafast freezing at supersonic speed produces ice with 80% cubic crystal structure

Waves splashing on a rock producing spray

Duller sea spray may mean climate models need a rethink

Underestimation of aerosols’ water absorption means reflectivity is lower than expected