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Chemistry World




Pipeline used to discharge organic chemical waste into river

Tiny virus batteries remove water pollutant

Metal nanoparticles turn viruses into tiny batteries that reduce toxic compound in just 10 minutes

Plastic waste

Reactor offers solution to plastic pollution

Compact system turns waste plastic into fuels, allowing boats to power themselves while cleaning up the ocean

Clean drinking water in cupped hands

Hydrogen peroxide generator could provide millions with clean water

A cheap, transportable reactor produces hydrogen peroxide for water disinfection by electrochemically reducing oxygen

Chinese subway

Subway air pollution damages passenger health

Putting the brakes on air pollution in the metro system of one of China’s cities could save lives


Poster of the film Before the flood

Before the flood

Leonardo DiCaprio turns environmental activist

Google street car

Google Street View cars map methane leaks in major US cities

Cars fitted with methane analysers flag streets in Boston, New York and Indianapolis where subterranean pipes are in need of repair

Australia climate change drought

Australian Climate Institute to close

Funding shortfall means climate organisation will not run beyond June 2017

EU flag

European science groups voice concern over recent US policies

Leaders in Europe are being warned about the potential impacts of President Trump’s policies on research and innovation