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Corrugated asbestos cement roofing


How the ‘world’s most wonderful mineral’ became one of the world’s biggest health hazards

Smoke billows from the Beaver Creek Fire west of Walden, Colorado, in 2016.

Smoking out the chemistry of wildfires

US launches $10 million project to better understand how fires start and spread

Tractor spraying crop

US government ordered to ban chlorpyrifos insecticide

Court gives EPA 60 days to finalise a ban, which was proposed under Obama but reversed by the Trump administration

Asbestos chrysotile fibers

EPA move could bring asbestos back in America

Health advocates fret at US environment agency’s proposal to make ‘new uses’ of asbestos-containing products legal, but EPA says not to worry


Andrew C Scott – Burning planet

Burning planet: the story of fire through time

Andrew C Scott’s book charts the natural history of wildfire and its ability to provide clues to events on Earth

Hay Festival 2017

Chemistry World Book Club at the Hay Festival

Emma Stoye seeks the science at the world famous Festival of Literature & Arts

Coal fired power station sunset Index

New chemistry enables UK negative carbon dioxide emissions pilot

Carbon capture is back at Drax, thanks to more energy efficient absorption technology

Dag Olav Hessen – The many lives of carbon

The many lives of carbon

Dag Olav Hessen leaves no stone - or diamond - unturned in his account of element six