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Chemistry World




Military carrier combat aircraft

Perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water of 15 million Americans

Compounds found in 162 water systems from industrial plants, military bases and fire fighter training sites


Dow will face dioxin suit

US appeals court rules property owners have a valid case over soil contamination

Antares rocket, with the Cygnus cargo spacecraft aboard, is seen as it launches

Scare leads Nasa to supply Virginia town with drinking water

Chincoteague homes being supplied with water after high levels of fluorinated chemicals were detected in space agency’s wells

lady in a garden centre

Garden centre plants may pose pesticide threat to bees

Insecticides on ornamental UK plants found at levels known to have an impact on pollinators


Emmanuel Macron

Is Macron's offer too good to be true?

France’s grant pledge to scientists is a new kind of recruitment

Donald Trump

Trump ditches Paris climate agreement

US president calls climate change agreement ‘unfair’

Top view on semi-arid dry rocky landscape on mountain ridge with the view on Mediterranean sea - south Croatia

Changing climate to wreak havoc on Mediterranean soils

Soil organic carbon predicted to plummet over next 60 years lowering agricultural productivity

Gas flare on an oil well

Methane to methanol catalyst could end gas flaring

Process could cut carbon emissions at remote oil fields but devil is in the detail