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Biochar - Index

Biochar takes the pharmaceuticals out of urine

Method for cleansing waste urine could see it used as a fertiliser


DuPont settles fluorinated chemical lawsuits

DuPont and spinoff Chemours will pay more than $670m to settle around 3500 personal injury claims relating to PFOA exposure

Lab mouse held in gloved hand

US university offers compensation after groundwater contamination

Leeching of 1,4-dioxane from animal research waste buried in the 1960s and 70s leads Dartmouth College to propose pay-outs for affected households

Autumn plowed fields farm house

Finding a synthetic nanoparticle in a haystack

New analytical approach can detect engineered nanoparticles in the environment


EU flag

European science groups voice concern over recent US policies

Leaders in Europe are being warned about the potential impacts of President Trump’s policies on research and innovation

Emmanuel Macron

French presidential hopeful courts US climate researchers

Emmanuel Macron has invited America’s climate scientists to bring their expertise to France

Trilobites scavenging on the ocean floor - Main

Ocean chemistry changes triggered Earth's greatest extinction event

The Great Dying 250 million years ago has its roots in the intrusion of deadly sulfide rich waters into oxygenated shallows with lessons for today

Chemical fossils - sea ice

Chemical fossils

Andy Extance finds out what organic molecules made by microorganisms and plants far in the past can tell us about climate