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Chemistry World




Woman photocopying

Unexpected reactions during printing could have health implications

Surprising chemical differences between toner powders and particles emitted by printers

A man using equipment to test the soil

Residents sue Arkema over contamination

French chemical giant accused of releasing toxic chemicals from US plant in the wake of hurricane Harvey

A photograph of a skull on a beach

A dangerous guide to beachcombing

What not to touch at the seaside

View of Wilmington North Carolina from across the Cape Fear river.

Chemours reaches truce in pollution investigation

Company will provide authorities with data on perfluorinated compound emissions into drinking water



Obama era clean power plan to be binned

US environment agency to end dalliance with country’s first limits on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants

Palm trees being blown by a hurricane in the Caribbean

Long road to recovery for Puerto Rico pharmaceuticals

As inhabitants begin to rebuild their lives after the devastation of hurricane Maria, the island’s drug manufacturers are recovering slowly

Mars at Ls 357°

Methane-led climate change explains early Mars’ wet spells

Red planet’s wobbles could have led to melting of methane clathrates and warming

Gordon Tripp – The weathermen

The weathermen: their story

A book that explores humanity’s fascination with the weather, and our attempts to predict the seemingly unpredictable