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Image 1credit IPEN

Dangerous levels of mercury detected in Minamata meeting delegates

Mercury concentrations more than three times the health advisory threshold found in representatives from small island nations

Swimming underwater in a pool

Acesulfame potassium

A sweet solution to monitoring contaminated water

cw dec2017 feature indoorair final2 hero

Every breath you take

Nina Notman meets the chemists looking to clear the air around indoor air pollution

Continuous flow difluoromethylation with fluoroform

Stainless steel takes the heat off difluoromethylation

Bespoke 3D-printed reactor makes use of greenhouse gas


Ruins of the Nile Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt

Ancient Egyptian uprisings triggered by volcanic eruptions

New evidence that changes in atmospheric chemistry caused social stresses and uprisings against the ruling elite

A photograph of flares at a refinery

ExxonMobil agrees to install pollution controls

Settlement with US government compels firm to improve emissions control and monitoring at eight chemical plants

American flag material

White House urged to consider climate change consequences

Weather events may have cost the US federal government over $350 billion


Obama era clean power plan to be binned

US environment agency to end dalliance with country’s first limits on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants