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Chemistry World

Opinions and views

Focus on forensics


21,500 cases dismissed due to forensic chemist’s misconduct

US court moves to dismiss thousands of criminal cases involving evidence handled by Annie Dookhan

Trace analysis - Hero 2

Murder without forensic evidence

The 2012 hunt for Michelle Mockbee’s killer emphasised detective skill over fingerprints


Skin-like microfluidic system for analysis of sweat

Wearable technology

The future of wearable gadgets will be tiny, flexible, skin-like devices capable of monitoring your health

DNA strand

Crispr enables rapid disease detection

A Crispr enzyme that targets RNA can recognise Zika at minute concentrations

Woman blowing nose and sneezing into tissue

15-minute test catches out flu virus

A cheap, portable setup to detect influenza viruses could help clinicians prescribe the right drugs

Computer monitor reflection in eyes

Phone screen light kills human eye cells

Low intensity blue light from smartphones and televisions kills human retinal cells

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

Crop research

EU conditionally approves Dow–DuPont merger

To satisfy competition concerns, DuPont will its swap crop protection R&D assets for FMC’s nutrition business

Workers prepare poultry at a meat packing plant in Brazil

Brazil’s meaty mess

Investigation reveals corruption among Brazilian meat inspectors, use of chemicals to hide rotten meat