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Focus on forensics

DNA fingerprinting concept

DNA fingerprinting accuracy to be overhauled in US

Labs to use 20 markers rather than 13 in improvement that should help in cases involving DNA from multiple sources

essentials of forensic science index

Crime scene to court: the essentials of forensic science (fourth edition)

Samantha Drake uncovers new truths in a revised text


Research scientists in laboratory

Vaccine coalition to target emerging infectious diseases

Fund attempting to raise $1 billion to develop vaccines before an epidemic strikes

Lab mouse held in gloved hand

Personalised medicine boost as cancer drug monitored in real-time

Aptamer-based sensors can track levels of small molecules in rats as the go about their business

A cattle skull on bare ground

TCDD or dioxin

Matt Gunther looks into TCDD, or dioxin, and the tragic Seveso accident

Hand cranked centrifuge - Fig 1c

Ancient whirligig toy inspires cheap, modern centrifuge

People-powered centrifuge can separate blood samples in minutes

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

Chicken laying eggs in coop

Spectroscopy allows in-egg chicken sexing

Identifying male chicks before they hatch could end the practice of culling cockerels in their millions

Gm rice storrd phosphorous in stalks - 1d

Low phosphorus rice offers fertiliser pollution solution

Silencing gene that directs phosphorus into rice grains could mean cheaper food and healthier rivers

A man measuring his waistline with a measuring tape


Chemistry in its Element podcast: Kit Chapman looks at a poster child in the battle against obesity