Opinions and views

Focus on forensics

More molecules of murder – John Emsley

More molecules of murder

Aurora Walshe reviews a book that walks the line between morbid and fascinating

Christmas pudding

Last Christmas?

It’s the most poisonous time of the year…


Scientist holds liquid biological sample in gloved hands

Tracker to name and shame for failure to report clinical trial results

Developers of online tool hope that it will improve accountability

Algodystrophy of the hands, scintigram. Algodystrophy (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) is a condition causing pain, swelling and tremor in affected areas (white). In its later stages, it can lead to muscle wasting and demineralisation of bone. The cause is

FDA approves new way to make medical imaging isotope

System will be the US’s first domestic source of molybdenum-99 for 30 years

Pack of medicine capsules at a pharmacy

Illegal antibiotic combinations threaten efforts to battle antimicrobial resistance

Unapproved formulations make up two-thirds of combination therapies sold in India

0318CW - Artificial blood feature - Blood bag, abstract - Index

Artificial blood

Nina Notman reports on progress towards products that can, when necessary, replace donor red blood cells

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

0318CW - Critical Point - Pregnancy bump

When evidence isn’t enough

The UK debate over folic acid highlights science’s role in public health ethics

Coffee cup and coffee beans on table

Companies consent to cancer warnings on coffee to settle litigation

Thirteen Californian coffee firms agree to warning labels over the presence of acrylamide

Farmer spraying soybean field with pesticides and herbicides

Antibiotic analogue puts researchers on path to ending herbicide drought

Research flags DNA gyrase as a new target for pesticides




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