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Chemistry World

Opinions and views

Focus on forensics

0717CW Trace Analysis - John Haigh, the acid bath murderer - Hero image

Can acid dissolve a body?

Watch an experiment recreating how murderers tried to cover their tracks

Developing of foot print on place of bloody crime under ultra violet black light

Blood will out

Antimalarial drug boosts luminol’s power 100,000-fold


Illustration of E. coli

Single-cell imaging spots resistant infections in less than half an hour

Microfluidic device allows speedy susceptibility testing so the right antibiotic can be given


US chemical lobby welcomes congressional probe of cancer research agency

House panel requests an NIH briefing about why it didn’t publish glyphosate study results

Open for discovery exhibition at the Crick

Open for discovery

The Francis Crick Institute’s first exhibition showcases its scientists’ research

DNA sun damage illustration

UV protection shines in sunlight

DNA coating that protects skin from damaging radiation gets better the longer it is exposed to sunlight

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

Four ice cream cones

What's going on in your ice cream

All right, stop, collaborate and listen: ice cream’s back with a new explanation

fried chicken

Lemony chicken and a series of fortunate flavours

Citrus-flavoured sulfur compound found in fried chicken could replace unstable natural lemon aroma

A pile of various tablets

Dietary supplement poisoning every 24 minutes in the US

275,000 calls concerning supplements were made to poison centres between 2002 and 2012