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Focus on forensics

Mans hand holding on palm plastic packet with cocaine powder or another drugs. Close-up macro photo

Fallout from rogue US forensic chemist continues

Massachusetts’ highest court has dismissed more than 11,000 drug convictions due to serious misconduct by a drug lab chemist

More molecules of murder – John Emsley

More molecules of murder

Aurora Walshe reviews a book that walks the line between morbid and fascinating


Lithium capsules on the Li Symbol of the periodic table of elements. Lithium is indicated in the treatment of manic episodes of Bipolar Disorder.

New theory for why lithium helps bipolar patients

Molecular insight could help researchers design mood stabilisers with fewer side effects

An illustration depicting artificial cat blood

Artificial blood reaches the feline frontier

Space crystals of serum proteins help scientists make a red blood cell substitute for cats

Profusa's implantable sensors

Jelly implant keeps an eye on body oxygen levels

A soft hydrogel implant – the first of which has survived in the foot of its inventor for four years – could detect circulatory problems that end in amputations

0418CW - Business Feature - Clinical research concept illustration - Index

Fit for repurpose

Drugs that can be used for new indications offer a potentially cheaper pathway – but only if the investors can recoup their costs

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

A photograph of meat in a smokehouse

Zeolite filters out carcinogens to make tastier smoked foods

Technology can remove up to 93% of polyaromatic hydrocarbons produced by the smoking process

0318CW - Critical Point - Pregnancy bump

When evidence isn’t enough

The UK debate over folic acid highlights science’s role in public health ethics

Coffee cup and coffee beans on table

Companies consent to cancer warnings on coffee to settle litigation

Thirteen Californian coffee firms agree to warning labels over the presence of acrylamide




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