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Focus on forensics

Dr Michael Swango being led out of a US District Court in Uhio

A lunchtime killer?

The deaths of 21 people are suspected to have been caused by workplace poisoning

Sue Black - All That Remains

All that remains: a life in death

Forensic anthropologist Sue black shares her fascination with anatomy and determination to help the loved ones of those that die


Illustration of helicobacter pylori on red background

Bismuth drugs kill bacteria by disrupting metabolism

Scientists throw kitchen sink of omics techniques at understanding complicated response of prevalent human pathogen to bismuth drug

Asbestos chrysotile fibers

EPA move could bring asbestos back in America

Health advocates fret at US environment agency’s proposal to make ‘new uses’ of asbestos-containing products legal, but EPA says not to worry

Daniel M Davis – The beautiful cure

Book Club – The Beautiful Cure

Immunologist Daniel Davis reveals the complexities of the human immune system

Daniel M Davis – The beautiful cure

The Beautiful Cure: Harnessing your body's natural defences

The human body’s response to disease is fiendishly complex but endlessly fascinating

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

A photograph of different types of cooking oil in small bottles on a wooden table

India hastens to regulate GM food

Study highlights marketed products containing GM material without official permits

Bubbles in beer

Explainer: the carbon dioxide crisis

Low stocks of carbon dioxide are causing problems for the food industry. So what’s really going on?

Fruits and vegetables

Sustaining the supply of trustworthy food

Sponsored by , by Rob Packer, Kaveh Kahen, Fadi Abou Shakra

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. This will have a significant impact on the sustainable access of the Earth’s resources, including the availability of food




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