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Focus on forensics

Kim Jong-nam

VX nerve agent behind Kim Jong-nam’s murder

Malaysian authorities report chemical weapon used to kill North Korean leader’s half-brother

Civilian conservation corps (CCC) putting up a fence

How Roosevelt's Tree Army were poisoned

In the first of a new column, Raychelle Burks investigates a mass arsenic poisoning during the Great Depression


House mouse standing on rear feet (Mus musculus)

Protein-bound gold enables in-mouse catalysis

First metal-catalysed reaction inside a living organism could lead the way to targeted drug synthesis

The microbes fight back - Index

The microbes fight back: antibiotic resistance

One of the greatest challenges of our time


€1 million prize awarded for quick test to cut antibiotic use

Diagnostic device could help fight antimicrobial resistance by determining whether or not an infection is caused by bacteria

Pair of Rhesus macaque monkeys in Kathmandu

Polymer offers promise of surgery free 'vasectomy'

Contraceptive technique shown to be effective and safe in rhesus macaque monkeys

Biology and biotechnology

Food and nutrition

A skeletal form mixes ingredients for sweets, surrounded by vats of dangerous chemicals

Arsenic trioxide

How a ‘daft’ pharmacy mix up led to a series of poisonings in Victorian Britain

Food and feedstock analysis illustration - Index

New database offers one stop shop for food safety hazards

Tool brings together safety information from Europe’s food safety agency

Durian fruit - Index

Compounds responsible for world’s stinkiest fruit revealed

Durian pong can be recreated with fruity and oniony volatiles